New Investors

How do I invest with Norfolk?

Find an application form at the end of our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Download it from the website or contact us directly. Completed application forms should be sen to:

Norfolk Mortgage Management Limited
PO Box 37341
Auckland 1151

or emailed to info@norfolktrust.co.nz.

Payment can be made by electronic banking or cheque. 

Please note that your first application for investment with Norfolk Mortgage Management Limited will require proof of identity, along with your IRD number and Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR).

Is there a minimum investment amount?

Yes, the minimum investment amount is $5,000.

How do distributions work?

Norfolk pays monthly distributions to investors. When completing an application form, you can choose between having these distributions direct credited to your bank account or reinvesting them and thereby compounding your interest.

How do I get product information such as the PDS, SIPO and fund updates?

These documents can be found in under ‘Fund Documents’ and ‘Fund Updates’, linked at the bottom of every page. Alternatively, email info@norfolktrust.co.nz and we will send the documents to you. You can also find them at www.business.govt.nz/disclose, search ‘Norfolk Mortgage Management Limited’.

Existing Investors

How do I increase my investment?

To increase your investment, complete a Notice of Subsequent Deposit, return it to us and deposit the money into the Norfolk Mortgage Trust bank account. Download this form from our website under ‘Application Forms’ or contact us for a copy. You can increase your investment as often as you like. 

How do I change my distribution choice or my bank details for distributions?

Please email or write to use to update any details for your account. 

How do I notify you of a change of address?

Please email us or write to us to update any details for your account.

How do I redeem all or part of my investment?

We require six months’ notice of redemption of investment. However, the directors will consider a waiver of the notice period on a case-by-case basis. To redeem part or all of your investment, send us a deposit slip and completed ‘Redemption Form’, signed by all parties on the account, via post or email. Find the form on our website, under ‘Application Forms’, or contact us for a copy.

How do I get a tax certificate?

As a PIE fund, we will pay your tax directly to the IRD. Every year in May we will send you an investor statement with a summary of the distribution and tax paid on your behalf.

How are fees paid?

Management, administration, custody, trustee and audit fees are deducted directly from the fund, and the unit price posted on the website at each month-end incorporates these. 

How do I make a complaint?

If you would like to make a complaint please contact Glenys Holden – CEO, either at:



PO Box 37341
Auckland 1151

You may also contact the supervisor at:

Covenant Trustee Services Limited
Level 6
191 Queen Street
Auckland 1010
Telephone: 09 302 0638
Facsimile: 09 302 1037
Attention: General Manager, Corporate Trust

The manager is a member of the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme (‘IFSO’), an approved dispute resolution scheme. If your complaint is not resolved satisfactorily after contacting either the manager or supervisor, then you can refer to the IFSO at:

Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme
Level 2, Solnet House
Wellington 6143


PO Box 10-845
Wellington 6143
Telephone: 0800 888 202

Please note: Norfolk Mortgage Management Limited advises that all investors should seek independent financial advice prior to making any investment decisions.

What is a mortgage fund?

A mortgage fund pools money from investors and lends it to borrowers who are looking for loans secured against property. The loans secured by mortgages – just like those offered by trading banks. Norfolk Mortgage Trust is a mortgage fund run by the manager, Norfolk Mortgage Management Limited (NMML), a licensed fund manager under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. 

How much can I borrow?

The amount you can borrow depends on a range of factors, including the value and location of the security property, your ability to service the loan, and loan structure. 

What will my interest rate be?

Your interest rate will depend on a range of factors including the value and location of the security property, your ability to service the loan, and the loan structure. 

What are the costs and fees?

The costs and fees depend on the complexity of your loan and the number of parties involved. The fees vary – we will discuss these when we make you an offer. When your loan is approved and you accept our offer, we’ll get a quote for legal costs.

What security do I need to provide?

A registered mortgage over a property you or your guarantor own will be the security for your loan.

What is a portfolio investment entity (PIE)? How does it affect my tax return?

A PIE is a managed fund that puts investors’ contributions into different types of investments. The PIE pays tax on investment income based on the prescribed investor rate (PIR) of investors, rather than at the entity’s tax rate. This means that Norfolk pays the tax on your interest distribution directly to the IRD, so you don’t need to include it in your tax return. 

What is a prescribed investor rate (PIR)?

A PIR is the rate used to calculate tax on taxable income for your investment. The rules for this rate are different from rules for other income tax rates, with the top PIR being 28%. Use our guide to calculate you PIR here.

Who is the supervisor?

Norfolk Mortgage Management Limited is supervised by Covenant Trustee Services Ltd, which has strict statutory and professional roles and responsibilities. It holds the Trust’s assets on behalf of all the investors, monitors the management company regularly, and can suspend the manager if any of the Trust rules and covenants are breached. 

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