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There are a number of reasons why you might need to borrow from a non-bank lender. Perhaps your financial situation needs more time and expertise to understand, or you don’t perfectly fit into a bank’s stringent lending criteria.

We offer an alternative. By taking the time to know you, your goals and your financial position, we can offer you advice, support, and a manageable loan to help progress you towards your goals.

Glenys Holden CEO

Respect, care and confidence

When you win, our business does too. That means our funding managers work hard to make sure you’re always in a position to meet your obligations.

Interest-only and bridging loans

We consider short-term bridging and interest-only loans – just get in touch to discuss your particular needs.

Norfolk Mortgage Trust

Some of the people we lend to


Our clients had the chance to purchase a commercial property next to one they already owned. Norfolk provided funding for the purchase, allowing the client to upgrade and restructure their property portfolio. Both properties were conveniently located in an industrial/commercial area of Auckland, near the motorway.

Commercial Finance

Our long-term client needed working capital for their business. Norfolk’s loan provided an equity release from a commercial property in Taupo. The loan was interest-only and repaid upon the sale of another property.

Bridging Finance

Norfolk provided bridging finance for the purchase of a property in Rotorua, allowing time for the sale of the client’s existing property. The loan was repaid when the sale was settled.

Auckland - Finance

A client with a property portfolio saw an opportunity in Auckland. They bought a development site with tenanted retail businesses, using funding to complete the purchase. This gave them time to make their development plans. Later, they refinanced the loan with a specialised development finance lender.

Competitive interest rates and fees

You’ll find our rates and fees are competitive with others in the industry, and surprisingly reasonable when compared to other non-bank lenders. Click here to view our rates and fees.

Standard Loan Agreement - Unregulated

Standard Loan Agreement - Unregulated

Standard Loan Agreement - Regulated

Standard Loan Agreement - Regulated

Further terms of mortgage

Further terms of mortgage

Standard Disclosure - Regulated loans

Standard Disclosure - Regulated loans

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