Unlock the Benefits of Passive Investing with Norfolk Mortgage Trust’s Monthly Returns.

Welcome to Norfolk Mortgage Trust. Since 2006, we have been providing investors with trusted and proven mortgage investment and lending options.

Our focus is on carefully evaluating each borrower’s financial position to ensure that they receive the best possible mortgage options and rates, while also providing investors with a diversified and actively managed portfolio of property-based securities.

Loaning over $43 Million to real estate borrowers across diversified sectors, secured by assets worth over $100 Million.

Loaning over $43 Million to real estate borrowers across diversified sectors, secured by assets worth over $100 Million.

Total mortgage assets & total property assets at the Trust portfolio level. Each mortgage is managed by the Trust & secured by specific 1st mortgage property.



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Norfolk Mortgage Trust
Diversified portfolio of high-quality mortgage assets

Our property fund offers monthly returns, with a diversified portfolio of property-backed assets. Our experienced team carefully selects investment opportunities to minimise risk and actively manages them to maximise cash flows for our investors. Investing in Norfolk Mortgage Trust’s property fund is an excellent option for those seeking to invest in the property market with minimal effort.

Monthly Returns and Affordable Entry Cost

Norfolk Mortgage Trust is an affordable option for diversifying your investment portfolio, with monthly returns, a minimum investment of $5,000 & no entry or exit fees.

Our strong emphasis on professional management, diversification, and personalised service has made us a trusted partner for investors looking for exposure in the property market.

Norfolk Mortgage Trust



Annualised for the month ending 30 November 2023.
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Annualised for month ending 30 November 2023.

What Our Investors Say

“Thanks to Norfolk Mortgage Trust, I can invest in real estate without the hassle of owning and managing properties. Their service is top-notch, and I appreciate the peace of mind they offer.”

– Carlene H, Auckland

“Knowing that their $43M investment is backed by a $100M security ratio gives me confidence. I can trust Norfolk Mortgage Trust with my hard-earned money.” 

– Brooke C, Auckland

“The personalised service from Norfolk Mortgage Trust is exceptional. They genuinely care about my investment goals and make me feel valued as an investor.”

– Charles D, Levin

Highly personalised
service & transparency

Glenys Holden CEO

We take pride in our highly personalised service for both investors and borrowers. We work closely with our borrowers to ensure you receive the best possible mortgage options and rates, and we actively manage our investors’ portfolios to provide you with a diversified and stable exposure to the property market.

Our relationship-first approach means we prioritise transparency, communication, and personalised service. Our team, including our CEO, are always available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

With a minimum investment of only $5,000 and no entry or exit fees, it’s easy to start your journey with us.

Investors typically start their journey with Norfolk by investing $10,000 – $30,000. As they see the monthly returns come in, they grow their investment over time.

With our focus on diversification and transparency, investors can have confidence in the stability of their investment and see their money working harder for them.

Investing with Norfolk Mortgage Trust

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