Have recent tax changes in New Zealand left you worried about your trust’s returns?

Understanding the New NZ Trust Tax Landscape

In April this year, New Zealand’s trust landscape underwent significant tax rate changes. If your trust earns over $10,000, the tax rate has jumped from 33% to 39%. This is a big change, and it’s crucial to understand how it affects your trust’s financial picture. Don’t let these changes drain your investment returns – we’re here to help you navigate this evolving tax landscape and make informed decisions.

Existing Norfolk Mortgage Trust investors: Rest assured, your investments are unaffected by the recent tax hikes. You already enjoy a maximum tax rate of 28%. However, if you hold trust investments outside of Norfolk, this update may be highly relevant as the new rates could have a negative impact on your investment returns.

The Impact on Trusts and Investors

These tax changes aren’t just numbers on a page; they affect real people and their investments. Thousands of NZ trusts will feel the pinch, prompting discussions among trustees, tax advisors, and industry experts. Concerns have been raised about over-taxation and increased financial burdens. This highlights the need for proactive decision-making to navigate this new terrain smoothly.

Let’s Talk PIEs: A Strategic Shift for Trust Tax Savings

Amidst these changes, a strategic shift towards Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs) emerges as a tax-efficient investment option. Consider this: 

PIEs offer a smart move for those looking to simplify tax management and maximise returns.

Tax Advantages and Efficiency with Norfolk Trust

Looking for an investment partner when it comes to tax advantages and efficiency? Look no further than Norfolk Mortgage Trust. By choosing Norfolk Trust as your PIE option, you’ll unlock:

  • Maximum tax rate of 28%: This translates to significant tax savings compared to the new 39% rate for trusts.
  • Simplified tax handling: Say goodbye to complex tax calculations. PIEs streamline the process for a smoother experience.
  • Consistent monthly returns:  Enjoy the consistent, tax-efficient monthly returns and grow your wealth over time.

Whether you’re looking to grow and diversify your investment portfolio or start one, our results showcase the stability and strong performance we’re committed to providing.

Worried about the impact? Schedule a free consultation to discuss your trust structure and explore PIE options with our team of experts.

Ready to protect your returns? Learn more about Norfolk Mortgage Trust, the tax-efficient PIE solution that puts your financial goals within reach. Contact us today for a friendly chat about how we can help you navigate the new trust tax landscape with ease.

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