December 2019 – Norfolk Mortgage Trust Update

Discover the latest update from Norfolk Mortgage Trust for December 2019. Read on to learn about the impressive returns, market trends, and investment opportunities that make Norfolk Mortgage Trust an excellent option for investors seeking to earn passive income from a property-backed investment.

Norfolk Mortgage Trust Returns for December 2019

At Norfolk, we are excited to share our latest achievements and positive outcomes for the end of November 2019.

Property-backed Investment Portfolio Delivering Monthly Returns

We are proud to announce that Norfolk Mortgage Trust delivered a return of 5.95%* before tax and fees, surpassing the benchmark of 4.05%** consistently since 2012.

Secure and Reliable Investments

Investors can trust Norfolk Mortgage Trust to provide property-secured investment options with steady monthly returns. Our loans are secured by registered first mortgages, with a Loan to Value ratio of 41.64%. We prioritise the consistency & stability of returns for our investors’ investments over maximising returns, ensuring confidence and peace of mind for our investors.

2019 Market Trends and Borrower Interest

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand has observed a significant increase in the median house price, reaching $607,500 in October 2019, up from $561,500 in October 2018— a growth of 8.2%. This rise has led to increased interest from borrowers looking to leverage their properties and businesses, aligning perfectly with Norfolk’s business model.

Why Choose Norfolk Mortgage Trust?

Investing with Norfolk Mortgage Trust offers numerous benefits, ensuring you make the most of your investments.

Consistent Returns and Positive Customer Feedback

Norfolk Mortgage Trust takes pride in its track record of providing consistent, good returns for investors. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the personal attention they receive, excellent communication, and the overall positive experience of investing with us.

Distributions Tailored to Your Preferences

With Norfolk, you have the freedom to choose how you receive your monthly distributions. You can opt for direct crediting to your nominated bank account or reinvesting in our fund to grow your capital. We believe in offering flexible options to suit your financial goals.

Our example case study below demonstrates the advantages of both of these options.

Example Case Study: Rupert and Willow

To illustrate the advantages of investing with Norfolk, let’s consider a case study involving two individuals who both invest $100,000 in Norfolk Mortgage Trust.

Rupert’s Secure Monthly Income

Rupert, who recently retired and is living on a fixed income, decides to invest a portion of his sale proceeds with Norfolk – $100,000. He chooses to have his monthly distributions directly credited to his bank account. Over the past 36 months, Rupert’s after-tax and fees total income amounts to $13,380, averaging $371.67 per month.

Willow’s Long-Term Investment Growth

Willow, who has recently become mortgage-free and received an inheritance, aims to build up her savings for retirement. She decides to invest her $100,000 with Norfolk and selects the option to reinvest her distributions for long-term growth. By September 2019, her capital investment has grown to $114,288.07.

With Norfolk’s regular monthly distributions, you can select the option that works best for your needs.

Start Investing with Norfolk Mortgage Trust Today!

Investing with Norfolk Mortgage Trust is straightforward and rewarding. Join us and experience the benefits of monthly investment returns.

To get started, email or call 09 303 1525.

*Past returns do not guarantee future performance.
**Benchmark comprises the RBNZ 6-month term deposit rate of 2.65% for November 2019 plus an additional 1.4% as required under the SIPO.
​The case study assumes a tax rate of 28%, the maximum PIR applicable to a PIE fund. Calculations based on our 5-year average of 4.51%.

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