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Founded in 2006

Last month the average Norfolk Investor earned $892.91*

Our property-backed fund is designed to offer investors stable monthly returns, with a diversified portfolio of property securities. Our team of experienced professionals carefully select investment opportunities, reducing risk, and actively manages them to generate consistent and stable cash flows for our investors.

*Annualised Pre-tax Return of 7.25%. View returns here.
Past returns do not guarantee future performance, and all investments carry risk. However, Norfolk’s long-standing track record speaks for itself.

Norfolk Mortgage Trust is a licensed Financial Service Provider (FSP) and is regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA).

Invest for Monthly Returns: Norfolk Mortgage Trust Offers a Passive Income and Affordable Entry.


Average Norfolk Investor Monthly Return*

Hassle free

Enjoy hassle-free property-based investment without the stress of owning, managing, and selling property assets yourself.

Diversified portfolio

With a diverse portfolio of high-quality property securities across different sectors and locations, we can reduce our risk exposure.

Peace of mind

We prioritise the consistency & stability of returns for our investors’ investments over maximising returns, ensuring that our investors have peace of mind.

Loaning over $43 Million to real estate borrowers across diversified sectors, secured by assets worth over $100 Million.

Total mortgage assets & total property assets at the Trust portfolio level. Each mortgage is managed by the Trust & secured by specific 1st mortgage property.

A little more about
Norfolk Mortgage Trust

A little more about Norfolk Mortgage Trust

Since 2006 Norfolk Mortgage Trust has invested in mortgages to provide our investors with a diversified & actively managed exposure to the property market. Unlike other property-based investment options the entry-level investment starts at $5,000 and returns are paid monthly.

We focus on carefully evaluating each borrower and their financial position to maximise ongoing returns. Our approach allows us to offer investors a highly personalised level of service and a diversified property-based portfolio both geographically and across sectors with historical returns over the last 10 years to 31 March 2023, averaging 5.93% per annum* after fees and before tax.

*Annualised return over this period. Past returns do not guarantee future performance, and all investments carry risk. However, Norfolk’s long-standing track record speaks for itself.

Investment Returns – Monthly

Invest $10,000 and see your final value after a month, calculated with our current unit price, return and the max tax rate of 28%. Simple, clear, and direct – know exactly what your investment gets.

With your monthly returns, you decide: the funds can be transferred to your bank for monthly income or they can be reinvested to keep your investment’s growing.

Interest rate is annualised and interest is calculated daily. This calculation assumes that the investor has been invested for the entire month.

Investment $10,000.00
Unit Price $0.9714
Current Return (Apr. 2024) 7.25% p.a
Gross Interest return $59.59
PIE Tax at 28% $16.68
Net Investment $10,042.90

Invest in Multiple Property-based Assets with One Investment

Investing in a property-based fund allows investors to diversify their investment portfolio. By pooling your money with other investors, you gain exposure to a diverse range of property assets, such as residential, commercial, retail, and industrial properties. Geographic diversification is another essential aspect of a property-based fund, as it helps to spread risk across different locations and markets. This diversification helps spread risk across different asset classes, markets and geographic locations, reducing the overall risk of the investment portfolio.

Norfolk Mortgage Trust

Expertly Managed Property-backed Investments to Secure Your Investment

Contrary to popular belief, we do not engage with higher risk borrowers or highly leveraged opportunities. By investing in our property-backed fund, investors benefit from the professional management and diversification of their investment, reducing the overall risk of the investment portfolio.

How Norfolk Mortgage Trust Works

In this short video, we explain how the Trust works and what you can expect from your investment.

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Download the Investment Guide

Download our investment guide today and get the knowledge you need to make an informed investment decision and move closer to achieving your financial goals.

Market vs Portfolio Graph
Unlike direct property investments, which can be difficult to withdraw quickly, our fund allows investors to withdraw or transfer their investment with just 6 months’ notice. This provides investors with the flexibility to adjust their portfolio to changing market conditions, without the hassle of buying and selling property assets themselves.

A Relationship 1st

Glenys Holden CEO

At Norfolk Mortgage Trust, we believe that building strong relationships with our investors and borrowers is key to success. We take the time to get to know you and your financial goals, so we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a short-term bridging loan or a long-term investment opportunity, our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Our relationship-first approach means we prioritise transparency, communication, and personalised service. We work closely with our borrowers to ensure they receive the best possible mortgage options and rates, and we actively manage our investors’ portfolios to provide them with a diversified and stable exposure to the property market.

What Our Investors Say

“Thanks to Norfolk Mortgage Trust, I can invest in real estate without the hassle of owning and managing properties. Their service is top-notch, and I appreciate the peace of mind they offer.”

– Carlene H, Auckland

“Knowing that their $43M investment is backed by a $100M security ratio gives me confidence. I can trust Norfolk Mortgage Trust with my hard-earned money.” 

– Brooke C, Auckland

“The personalised service from Norfolk Mortgage Trust is exceptional. They genuinely care about my investment goals and make me feel valued as an investor.”

– Charles D, Levin

Starting your journey with Norfolk Mortgage Trust

With a minimum investment of only $5,000 and no entry or exit fees, it’s easy to start your journey with us.

Investors typically start their journey with Norfolk by investing $10,000 – $30,000. As they see the monthly returns come in, they grow their investment over time.

With our focus on diversification and transparency, investors can have confidence in the stability of their investment and see their money working harder for them.

Investing with Norfolk Mortgage Trust

Download the Investment Guide

Download our investment guide today and get the knowledge you need to make an informed investment decision and move closer to achieving your financial goals.

Download the Investment Guide